Buzz, Your Girlfriend...


What a busy couple weeks! Finals are done. I need to update this sucka' for real. Soon! Tomorrow. TOMORROW.

It was both my birthday and Mother's Day on Sunday.  Twenty-three years young.

On my birthday I:

drove home to Baltimore from my mom's in PA, ate a pear and gorgonzola pizza and a McFlurry with extra Oreos for dessert, saw Exit Through the Gift Shop, and started to put a puzzle from 1971 together. Now that's my kind of party.

My wonderful boyfriend got me my dream gift:

Except mine has Swarowski crystals shoddily glued to his eyes, bowtie, tail and hooksocks
(non Brad Neely fans read: kitty claws.) 
Seriously, he's so glittery and flossin'.

Thus begins my official Kit-Cat addiction, because now he looks lonely,
and I'll at the very least need this sort of setup:

Wood paneling included, of course.

In closing: