E. Wok T. Shirts! ...(T. Rex rules)

Motivational Ewok T-Shirts!

Women's Ewok Shirt

Men's Ewok Shirt

Hot off the presses, just got my shirts from Scott Archer, and they turned out great!
A big 'ol print on soft 100% cotton shirts.

The blue is for the ladies, natural for the dudes. I only had one mannequin (of the busty female variety) so guys, no worries, this shirt doesn't actually give the illusion of DD breasts.

Come pick one up at MICA's Art Market, Dec. 8-11!


We're In Bidness, Baybee

My business cards came in, and I think they came out great!
Business Cards!

Business Cards!

Sorry for the chipped nail polish. Will be remedied for the holidays. Have a good one, y'all!


I'm with you in Rockland

James Franco in "Howl"

A small (about 4"x6") goache painting of James Franco as Allen Ginsberg in the movie "Howl."

I'm moderately happy with it, though I think I would do it again differently if I had the time.

Plus, it's really the color that sells it... and much of that gets lost in the upload to Flickr.
It's nice to do a little practice with some figural painting every once in a while.


Page one of "Egor the Brave"

Egor the Brave Page One

In the seventh year, in the eighth millennium,
In the reign of Tsar Feodor,
Sofiia the Wise gave birth to three daughters,
And the fourth was a son, Egor the Brave:
His legs were in pure silver up to the knees,
His arms in red gold to the elbows.



Ewok Shirts!

People seemed to really like my "Motivational Ewok" drawing from my Star Wars-themed project from a few months back. So I'm going to get some shirts printed for Art Market!

They will be available on sky blue for the ladies, and a 'natural' colored shirt for you dudes:




Geek Love

So I'm going to be participating in MICA's Art Market this year, and I'm pretty excited.
I'm working on having many fun and functional items to sell, ranging in theme from Motivational Ewoks to Motivational Professional Wrestlers. It will be totally inspiring.
I'll also have 5-color screenprints of The Wanderin' Mind for sale! 

In the meantime, A spot illustration for an article about "Nerdcore" hip-hop: