Acid Rat Records logo

Acid Rat Records is a new label started by Joel Grind of Toxic Holocaust. You can download the first release from Yellowgoat for name-your-own-price on bandcamp.



A new logo for the comedic ghost-hunting web series, Pumpkin Morgue Paranormal Investigators.
Check it out at www.pumpkinmorgue.com!

Tribute Hearse Rudimentary Peni comp release flyer

Kent State is playing with a few other rad lo-fi bands at Burger Records in Fullerton on November 4th. The show marks the release of Tribute Hearse, a cassette tribute to Rudimentary Peni. My band Kent State's will be covering '1/4 Dead' at the show and on the comp, put out by Juniper Tree Songs! Keep an eye out!


Bad Touch

A fun logo for Bad Touch Records. Look out for the debut Catholic Spit 7", coming out early next month!


Behind Closed Doors

Artwork for an upcoming Kent State cassette EP on Rok Lok records.

Go to the KS bandcamp to preview the track "Disconnected." 


Quiksilver Tees

So these t-shirts (or color variants thereof) won't be in stores until Spring 2013, but I'm excited to share them. Really great working with Quiksilver! 



Go to bandpuns.com to see some other punny funs by other fawesome fartists.

Big thanks to ccooll.us for asking me to participate.


Kent State 'Confession'

'Confession' shirt coming soon.

Catholic Spit

A new logo and t-shirt for the band Catholic Spit from Ventura, CA.

Check them out, rad shit.

post-edit: Shortly after I made this, I joined the band as synth player. Expect more posts about the Spit in the future!


Night Birds, Toys that Kill, Kent State

Again flickr ruins my color scheme, the green is not this acidic. But you get the point.

Kent State's first show is on July 24th in Los Angeles, be there or be dumb.


Infinity Girl Flyer

If you are in the area of Cambridge, Mass., go check out Infinity Girl at their record release show!
Glad they let me make this weird flyer for them.


Other Gods

I'm very pleased to be getting some more requests for band logos lately, after cranking out all those little ditties for Kent State. Baltimore metal band Other Gods came to me about getting one of those "tripped out geometry class" style logos, so I did my very best to oblige.


Triac 24:7

I was so glad when my friend Sonny Simpson contacted me about making a surprise parody t-shirt for Baltimore grind band Triac. If you don't get the joke, you obviously aren't up on your 80's Christian hair metal bands.


Logos A Go-Go

Kent State's first shirt. Our name is on it twelve times and you will still have a hard time telling what band it is for. By the way, hey, I like drawing metal logos.


Kent State Tapes on Art4Punks

So after sending Kent State's three split tapes off to be pressed in in October, they finally rolled in the door at the end of March. Wish the process would have gone a little smoother, but they were worth the wait!

My friend Paul D'Elia runs an awesome blog by the name of Art4punks. He did a nice write-up about the tape artwork, and took some great pictures of them (which I will now lift directly from his blog and place onto mine!)

Along with the blog, Paul also plays guitar in Kent State (among several other bands), is a talented graphic designer, and makes rad artwork too!  Check out his daily drawing tumblr and get bummed that you don't do enough with your life.

Go to the Kent State bandcamp to purchase a set of three tapes for $12, individual tapes for $5, or to download any of our music for free. T-shirts coming soon.




Mystery/Train Sketch

Today I found a little sketchbook from a class I took at MICA called Visual Journalism. It was a great class, taught by one of my favorite professors, Warren Linn.  I'm not sure why I decided to buy a 9"x13" sketchbook to take with me on the five+ hour field trips we took every class.  I was always envious of the kids with smaller sketchbooks,  as mine was comparatively enormous.

So when our final project was to compile several of our best spreads in our books, I made a (much) smaller version of the original: 4"x6." Here are a couple spreads from it:

I haven't done any portrait studies in pencil lately, and I really enjoyed drawing the sleepy people on the train and on the light rail. So, today I went on a bit of a tangent and watched a good portion of Mystery Train and drew my favorite character, Jun.


Trash Metal, on its way.

My new years' resolution was to delve into a new medium, and hopefully make it into a mini-business.  I have always loved making my own jewelry, though I had never considered making enough to sell.
I have been working with pewter, trying my hand at metal casting. I've also been plucking bones out of owl pellets, which is a tedious but fascinating task.

Coming together, slowly but surely. Many more Trash Metal posts to come in the future.  I add little snapshots like the ones above to my instagram (http://statigr.am/maatleycrue) on a regular basis, so check that out if you're able.