Mystery/Train Sketch

Today I found a little sketchbook from a class I took at MICA called Visual Journalism. It was a great class, taught by one of my favorite professors, Warren Linn.  I'm not sure why I decided to buy a 9"x13" sketchbook to take with me on the five+ hour field trips we took every class.  I was always envious of the kids with smaller sketchbooks,  as mine was comparatively enormous.

So when our final project was to compile several of our best spreads in our books, I made a (much) smaller version of the original: 4"x6." Here are a couple spreads from it:

I haven't done any portrait studies in pencil lately, and I really enjoyed drawing the sleepy people on the train and on the light rail. So, today I went on a bit of a tangent and watched a good portion of Mystery Train and drew my favorite character, Jun.

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