The Customizer, Goachified

Last post, plus paint, plus Catfink!

The color gets messed up no matter what I do to it. Damned web colors!

This was for a group project with eight of my classmates. Check out their work on the website that Angie Ahn made!


The Customizer

A sketch illustrating someone who customizes everything. It will soon get all goache-y. 
Ed Roth, eat your heart out! (jk ily)


Mare e Monti

This is an illustration for a menu cover.
It's modeled after a pizza called the "Mare e Monti," which means "Heaven and Earth," respectively.
Though I don't dislike this as much as I thought (I've been spending some time with the print-out of it, which turned out much too dark) I think I might try to go over it in traditional media. Digital just feels so soulless to me anymore.