This week's alphabet. For more on Burgertime, see my first post!


Gang Green


Did this for my Illustration 2 class. We were to take an old photo we found on the internet and adapt it into a band poster. I found this picture on Flickr by searching for "1978." It was one of the first pictures that showed up, and I loved the composition, the patterns, the fact that it was a family who shared a an affinity for KISS... pretty much everything about it.

I'm excited to go to this show... I hope Gang Green is still good!


Deep Sleep

A quick, completely wonky sketch done on the way to Richmond, VA.  Went there for an awesome show at a BMX bike lot!


Whoops! Long time no update. I had a minor meltdown this week and lost all of my picture files. They have mostly been recovered, thanks to Time Machine and some file recovery software.

Here are a couple recent little ditties from my handletters class:

An impromptu statement about hand lettering done in hand lettering. Would have liked to have spent little more time with it.

One of my weekly alphabets!

This is a work in progress. The teach thinks "illustration" needs beefed up or changed, so I'll be experimenting a little bit more with it.



Gifs are very important to me. Especially those that involve cute animals.



And just for good measure:

Yeah. I don't know. You're welcome?

The Painted Bird

This is one of my favorite books, and I've always wanted to take some real time to illustrate it.  So when John Malloy assigned a book cover as this week's assignment, I knew instantly what I would do!

The letters came from an alphabet I made in my sketchbook for my Hand Letters class. I had to simplify them slightly, using two colors instead of three, because they were too busy for this already busy piece. Plus, they were a little hard to read. I think I tweaked them enough that I got them to be instantly readable.

I left my camera cord at my mom's place at Easter time, but I should be getting it back in the mail soon... at which point, I'll take some nice pictures of my first completed project for my independent study. Scoots!


Zombie Jesus Says "Sup"

Happy Easter, y'all. I came home to my mom's for the holiday, and I dyed some eggs! All I had available  to me were some original PAAS color tablets and a white china marker. My mom was kind of rushing me along, since she was going to be deviling the eggs pretty much right after I dyed them, but I took a few pictures first!

Black Flegg.

I had to make a Black Flag tribute egg after my mom told me that I just missed Henry Rollins speak at Penn State a couple days ago. If only I'd have known! That's for you, Henry.

Here's my mom's egg redux:

Not too shabby, eh? Defintely delicious! All photos posed on fabric that I had printed at Spoonflower. The pattern came from an assignment for my Hand Letters class in which we made a repeated pattern from a letter form. I'll post more from that soon!

And just for good (or somewhat good) measure: I couldn't bring myself to go to sleep last night, so here's a delirious sketch that started by repeatedly tracing the shadow of my hand on the paper:

Kind of interesting, probably unfinished. It's a nice jumping off point to something else, I think. I haven't worked much with graphite since I've become so color-obsessed! I think I might work into this digitally later... spice it up a bit.

Coming up soon, an intimate look at my pal, Scooter.


Dead Rock Stars

My original birthday plans this year included going to see Big Star in Memphis, but sadly, Alex Chilton passed away on March 16th.  So sad I'll never get to see him perform. We've (I've) lost some great musicians just this year, Mark Linkous of Sparklehorse and Jay Reatard included.

I'm probably the last person to be posting about him, but that Box Tops song just came into my head today and I had to post the video.

Rickles for President

 A few minutes ago, my friend Mika handed me a couple crayola markers and one of these pieces of paper. Go to fundred.org to participate in artist Mel Chin's project to persuade the US government to send funds to New Orleans and other cities dealing lead contamination. This is a bad photobooth picture of my quick dolla'bill, I drew Don Rickles and Drinky Crow. It's free, fun, and it's for a good cause!