Zombie Jesus Says "Sup"

Happy Easter, y'all. I came home to my mom's for the holiday, and I dyed some eggs! All I had available  to me were some original PAAS color tablets and a white china marker. My mom was kind of rushing me along, since she was going to be deviling the eggs pretty much right after I dyed them, but I took a few pictures first!

Black Flegg.

I had to make a Black Flag tribute egg after my mom told me that I just missed Henry Rollins speak at Penn State a couple days ago. If only I'd have known! That's for you, Henry.

Here's my mom's egg redux:

Not too shabby, eh? Defintely delicious! All photos posed on fabric that I had printed at Spoonflower. The pattern came from an assignment for my Hand Letters class in which we made a repeated pattern from a letter form. I'll post more from that soon!

And just for good (or somewhat good) measure: I couldn't bring myself to go to sleep last night, so here's a delirious sketch that started by repeatedly tracing the shadow of my hand on the paper:

Kind of interesting, probably unfinished. It's a nice jumping off point to something else, I think. I haven't worked much with graphite since I've become so color-obsessed! I think I might work into this digitally later... spice it up a bit.

Coming up soon, an intimate look at my pal, Scooter.

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