The Painted Bird

This is one of my favorite books, and I've always wanted to take some real time to illustrate it.  So when John Malloy assigned a book cover as this week's assignment, I knew instantly what I would do!

The letters came from an alphabet I made in my sketchbook for my Hand Letters class. I had to simplify them slightly, using two colors instead of three, because they were too busy for this already busy piece. Plus, they were a little hard to read. I think I tweaked them enough that I got them to be instantly readable.

I left my camera cord at my mom's place at Easter time, but I should be getting it back in the mail soon... at which point, I'll take some nice pictures of my first completed project for my independent study. Scoots!


  1. :D thanks guys! i'm going to be printing some big posters of it, i think!

  2. Bozje moi. That book still gives me nightmares, even though it's now been proved that he just made it all up. Your illustration is sublime.