My final assigment in Concepts was a "Secret Santa" assignment. I was given "Draw a romantic scene using corpses. Make sure the scene adds to the romance."


It's ink and acrylic on paper, 22"x 30." Click here to see it larger, though I definitely need to scan it in for a better image. Many hours went into this... I'm sure I could put many more in, but for now, it's done.

Egor the Brave, page 5

This is my last box construction of the semester. While I definitely had a good time... I'll be glad to have a month-long break from whittlin' little horses and the smell of wood glue.



Egor the Brave, Page 5 detail

I might try to add another layer in front of the trees on the left to add a little more depth, and put a few more highlights around the house frame shape at the top.

I also tried using a new technique that I found here to put text on wood panels that will accompany the box constructions.  So far I've made five, one for each of the boxes I've made so far.

Egor the Brave, Page 5 Text

And to close, as always: 
better, updated photos of everything will be posted when I complete this project in May!

Art Market!

The semester is finally over, and I could not be more excited to be sitting around and relaxing today. I have been super busy these past couple weeks.  Art market went incredibly well!  I am officially sold out of ewok shirts. I got screenprints of the Wanderin' Mind from Chris at Apothem Prints, and my new friends at Southpaw Prints!  People were surprised to find out they were screenprinted because they said they looked too perfect!

The Wanderin' Mind, Screenprinted!

The Wanderin' Mind, Screenprinted! detail

The Wanderin' Mind, Screenprinted! detail

The Wanderin' Mind, Screenprinted! detail

I still have several left, so feel free to email me if you want one. Five color screenprint, $30!

I also sold some zines, and the wrestler cards from my previous post! They went over way better than I expected. I still have a couple packs of these left as well (but just a couple) so get them while you can!

Words of Wisdom

Words of Wisdom

Words of Wisdom

Words of Wisdom

Hand scored and folded, and cropped. Oof!

The cards also got a mention on Public School, and they definitely said some nice things about them! So overall, Art Market was a big success. I'm glad alumni can participate... I might have to do it again next year!


Words of Wisdom

So, I've been working on these cards for weeks now. They are just for fun, not class, but I'm selling them at school. Packs of greeting cards, five in each pack! The cards will be banded together with a little cardstock belt:

Words of Wisdom Belt

Wrestler Card Back

Hulk Hogan

Ravishing Rick Rude

Macho Man Randy Savage

Ric Flair

The Ultimate Warrior

Pretty excited about how they turned out! The colors are a good bit more acidic on the screen than they will be once I get them printed tomorrow.  I'll have them ready for MICA Art Market on the 8th.

Time for bed. I think I've driven myself insane looking at nothing but these screaming men for the past 48 hours.


Egor, Page 2

Ongoing work on my thesis, illustrating Egor the Brave, a Russian folktale.
This is page two, where Egor and his three sisters are being captured by the evil tsar and his army.



Better photos of all of these will be up at the end of the year!