Better colors! I think.

Disco Rollerskate

My cousin is having a 70's themed roller-rehearsal dinner party! 
So I managed to sneak this guy in tonight.
Tomorrow I'll resume scramblin' to get my finals done by spending all day building a little man out of wood and sheet metal. 


Website is up!

I'll expand it in the future, separate things into categories, etc. But for now, a condensed portfolio.


New Spokesmodel!

Isn't she beautiful?

Here lies my previous header. Letterblobs, never forget:

Looooots and loooots of things in the works:
Soon a new website, new WRINKLES comic, completed year-long thesis project, and MORE!



Oh, so I neglected to mention that I got two (count 'em) pieces into the Society of Illustrators student show this year. Click here to see which ones!
Or, if you'll be in the area, why not go see the show at the Society of Illustrators in NYC, May 4th - 28th? I'll be there on the 6th for the opening reception!