Spits! Shiny! Strike!

Long time no update. I've been having a rough couple weeks, ladies and germs. I've been moving out of my old hell-dump of a house, into a new and improved living situation.

I finally saw the Spits! After over a year of obsessing and missing every area show they played, I ended up losing my wallet and a hefty chunk of cash halfway through their set.  It undoubtedly put a damper on the evening, but the show was so fun that it almost didn't matter.

The video above was not from the show I attended, but similar mayhem ensued. I'd say the only difference would be a slightly crazier crowd, and the keyboardist was wearing a cop uniform and Hitler mustache.

See my exposed belly and face being smashed by someone's leg in the photo below:

After losing my wallet, having any kind of legally age-verified fun was out of the question. Luckily SLANG from Japan and World Burns to Death played at the Barclay House, where no ID is required. The venue is in what most people would consider to be a questionable area. At the end of the night when we left the show, there were about six police cars outside, and we had a helicopter's search light shone on us.

A GoogleMaps snapshot of the neighboring houses:

Overall, much fun was had. All of the bands were great. Got the new SLANG record, and, as evidenced in the video from the show posted below, it shreds:

I also saw the Dwarves play a sub-par show to a crowd of cretins and miscreants this weekend. Also, at the very least, a good time. And now, on to....


I've been getting a little crafty lately. I found an old puzzle at a thrift store and put it together, only to find that it was nearly the exact size of a beat-up side table I already had (about 22"x22".) I mixed up some resin and made it into a shiny, glossy tabletop!

It turned out very smooth and shiny. The resin filled in all the cracks and the missing puzzle pieces, and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out! I'm excited to experiment with it more.

I also have finally started to put together my website using indexhibit. Right now it's a complete disaster, but hopefully by the end of the week, I'll be able to start leaving these around town with purpose and high frequency:

Promotional matchbooks! All individually block-printed. They come in four different designs: Strike! Maze, My Fingies, Cheeseburger Lover, and Bluebeetle, respectively. Check your local Baltimore fun retailers and pick one up for free :)

Whew! I should go draw.