I guess I'll become a regular member of the internet again.

I can't wait to team up this brand new blog with my brand new, not-yet-up-or-running website, http://emmamaatman.com/.

In the meantime, I'd like to discuss my current infatuation with NES games. I never owned any type of gaming console growing up, but occasionally I got to play my neighbor's Super Nintedo, or my cousin's Sega Genesis. Only now have I experienced the glorious simplicity of the original Nintendo games. My favorites are the arcade-style games with simple concepts and graphics, such as:


This gem was the first game to steal my heart. Who can resist a game in which you are a burger chef, being relentlessly pursued by adorable little hot dogs? By the way, the cuteness of a game's characters is a definitive factor in whether or not I deem it playable or worthwhile.


A follow-up to MAPPY, Mappy-Land is some kind of beautiful, flat, kindergarten-colored wonderland where the foreground is the background and you are a policemouse being chased by tiny pink cats.


Last but not least, the arcade classic known as Q-Bert. Anything on an isometric platform is a-ok in my book. Q-Bert appeals to one's nerdy architectural sensibilities, and it's also totally bonkers. Why am I a meatball with a tube hanging out of me? Seems dangerous to just leave that tube hangin' around like that. Either way, this game is fun.

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