Maatryoshka and some Chubby, Hairy Dork

I suppose these first several entries will be loaded with things I've done in the last few months, but I'll start with something fairly recent. I'll introduce you to my icon, a (gasp) digital painting! My first full-on digipainting, actually. This was an assignment for my Illustration 2 Studio with John Malloy. A portrait with "doll-like characteristics." I don't know anyone who looks more like a baby than I do, so I did a self-portrait.

To regress, I'll post the first assignment from my current class... a digitally rendered drawing of Dan Deacon. Can't say I'm the biggest fan of the guy, but here he is nonetheless.

And last but not least, my most recent piece for my Illustration Studio, a redesigned label for an Arnold Palmer Half & Half Arizona can. I love a good Arnie Palmer, but I think I'd love one more if it came in a can like this:

This particular assignment specified no human figures. So no disrespect to the original can, but if you're going to use a picture of Arnold Palmer, you should make sure to get him in his hay-day.

 Right? No Comparison.

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