Kent State Tapes on Art4Punks

So after sending Kent State's three split tapes off to be pressed in in October, they finally rolled in the door at the end of March. Wish the process would have gone a little smoother, but they were worth the wait!

My friend Paul D'Elia runs an awesome blog by the name of Art4punks. He did a nice write-up about the tape artwork, and took some great pictures of them (which I will now lift directly from his blog and place onto mine!)

Along with the blog, Paul also plays guitar in Kent State (among several other bands), is a talented graphic designer, and makes rad artwork too!  Check out his daily drawing tumblr and get bummed that you don't do enough with your life.

Go to the Kent State bandcamp to purchase a set of three tapes for $12, individual tapes for $5, or to download any of our music for free. T-shirts coming soon.

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