Senior Thesis

So midterms are quickly approaching, and I have yet to blog about Senior Thesis! I've been working on making box constructions that will be used as illustrations for a Russian folk tale: Egor the Brave.

My hope is that these will be readable as illustrations, but also interestingly esoteric and strong enough to stand alone as individual artworks.

This is my messy studio. I get lots of splinters, and occasionally glue in my hair.

The first two boxes I've completed are actually the third and fourth pages of the story. They both occupy the same construction, though for the final presentation (which will be in book format) they will most likely be seen as separate pages, like so:

Page Three, Egor's torture and imprisonment scene.

Some details:

Page Four, Sofiia the Wise appears as an apparition, setting Egor free.

And some details:

If only blogger didn't make all my photos look extra washed out. 

Oh well, more on Egor soon!

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