Scooter and Carl Do Cincinnati

 Last Spring semester I had the pleasure of doing an independent study with Ted McGrath, and he helped me to make these "action figures." They are more like sculptures, or mock-ups for vinyl toys that will likely never be.  They are based on a series of ten collage sketches I did earlier in the year... other characters like "Dr. Singh, Male Gynocologist" and "Ben the Lonely Spaceman" never made it to the third dimension. Scooter and Carl started like this:
The Original Scooter and Carl
And by the end of the semester, they became who they are today:
Scooter the Mooch and Carl the Occasional Communist
Carl the Occasional Communist
Carl the Occasional Communist
read the Carl's comic!
Carl's Freckles
Scooter the Mooch
Scooter the Mooch
read Scooter's comic!
Scooter's Stubble

The figures and accessories are clay over wire armatures, with hand-sewn little shirts and clothes. The boxes were constructed of mat board and painted with goache and ink.

Scooter and Carl are currently en route to Cincinnati to see my friends at Static Age! They will be in a show called "Pairs," so if you are in the area, go check it out! Scooter and Carl are just for looks, but I'll have things for sale there too.

I'll leave you with this GIF I made when I was sculpting Scooter's skinny nude body:
avatars myspace with Gickr

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