Baltimore Artscape

This is Baltimore's 30th Artscape. This year the theme is 1982, the year the first festival was held.  I contributed the images from the Words of Wisdom greeting cards I made a few months ago. The one image in particular of Randy Savage was used in promotions for the event (undoubtedly due to his untimely passing, RIP Macho Man) and the Baltimore Sun even ran a story about Artscape on their website and featured my image!

Yesterday I went and took pictures of the 8-foot tall vinyl banners they made for the event. They were on the outside of the karaoke tent, which was a pretty busy area... the easiest the way to get people out of my way to take pictures was to pose like dorks in front of them.

I think they turned out super clean, especially considering the 4"x6" size of the original image! Nice of them to put my name on there, too.  And to my surprise, Randy was incorporated into the huge 40-foot signage tower at the entrance.

Artscape continues today and Sunday, so go eat some funnel cake (for $$) and watch some live acts for free!

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