Blood & Guts

A few months back I started working at United Print & Press, a small independently-owned screen printing shop.  At the time, they were mostly printing hockey jerseys and shirts for small businesses.

The owner wanted to start his own line of lifestyle apparel with a hockey theme called Blood & Guts.
I ended up designing quite a few things for it. The owner also happens to be a wrestling fan, cult movie fan and a punk/hardcore fan, so we get along pretty well.

Check out the website here to see the current line of shirts up for sale! Here are some additional images of things to come:
Blood & Guts "Raining Blood"

"Raining Blood" logo

"Everthing But Guts" shirt (and no, that's not a misspelling, at least not on my part)


"Suicidal" shirt (check that bandana-print hockey jersey)

"Antti Hero" shirt (this one is actually currently up on the site here, it has a fun inside print!)

"Blood" shirt

"Guts" shirt

And there are really a lot more than that, too, but you'll see them soon!

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