Charm City Art Space Exhibition

This post belongs in August, so I pre-dated it.  A couple weeks ago, I hung up some work at the Charm City Art Space. 
I just got a new digital camera, so I snuck into the Art Space to take a few pictures of my little wall.

Some of the items on display I've already made posts about, like the R2D2 illustration and the Heartless 7inch artwork
(though here it is shown in its original, non-digitally altered colorway).

Below are my last two Star Wars drawings.

The above piece is something I made while I was thinking about ideas for thesis (I'll be making box assemblages about Russian Folklore). 
It's not quite finished.

At the bottom right of my display, I had a small selection of my promotional matchbooks. They were all gone after the first week! I dropped a few more off when I took this photo:

Classes started this week (I'm typing this on September 2nd!) and my Shakespeare and African Art Forms classes have already gone well. I'm excited to get started on my Thesis work... Senior year. Oof.

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